Hey, parents! Don’t let the back to school supply list scare you. Here is how you can conquer it and save money at the same time.

Look For Deals and Discounts

A little savings goes a long way. This is especially true if you’re a big family. With multiple kiddos going to school, back-to-school costs can add up, and add up quick. While at first glance 15 percent savings or 50 cents off may not sound like a major steal, but these savings add up over time. Look to online resources like Valpak, where you can learn how on groceries and at your favorite stores, Retail Me Not for the latest discounts on products and back-to-school items or Groupon for deals at places like Target, Chegg and Best Buy.

Set a Budget

This is key, especially if you have older kids. Start your school shopping with a strict budget in mind. Set your limits and have a conversation with your kids about money-based values. Teaching your kids about money at an early age will help them build good money spending and saving habits when they grow up.

Buy for Longevity

Replacing items like backpacks and lunchboxes each year can be a major expense each school year. Instead of replacing these items each year, invest in quality goods that are built to last for a few years. While you may be paying a little more upfront you can be sure that a well-built product will last longer than the latest trend that’s on sale at the big box store. Fads come and go, choose generic colors, and stay away from character items or themes you kids may grow out of when buying.

Take a Trip to the Dollar Store

Everything’s a dollar or less. Which means you will have extra cash to tuck away in your rainy day fund. Dollar stores typically have a great selection of back to school basics in stock over the summer months.

Do Your Clothes Shopping Online

For the ultimate deals on back-to-school clothes check out Poshmark. Here you can find new and gently used clothing for girls and boys, from shoes and accessories to hoodies and jeans — you can find it all on the app and website. Poshmark even gives you the opportunity to make an offer on a certain item for even better deals.

Buy In Bulk

Be sure to check prices at wholesale stores and consider buying in bulk to save money for the school year. While you might not think you can use a 100 pack of pens or multiple bottles of glue, you may be surprised.

Shop At Home First

Take a look at what you already have around the house. Assemble all of the colored pencils and crayons laying around, dig into the storage spaces to find the binders and backpacks and do a sweep of your kids’ closets to see what unworn or gently worn clothing is already there that can take them into the school year.

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