What Does $10 Mean to You? Join the $10 x 10 Challenge for Autism Awareness

Who do you know that is affected by autism? Your son or daughter? A family member? A co-worker? A friend? Raise your voice and show your support for the 3 million children in the United States with autism.

Join our 10 for $10 campaign to raise $160,000 that will allow more families to enroll in JumpStart©​, an early intervention program that currently has a 6 month waitlist. Early intervention programs like this one are critical in helping children with autism, and their families, have a successful future.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Donate $10 to Jumpstart4Autism (share your donation on social media!)
  2. Ask 10 of your friends to donate $10 on social media
  3. Share our support on social media using #Jumpstart4Autism

Your $10 will go to innovative programs that need funding and support. Your $10 will help a child in need and your $10 will help inspire hope for families across the country. Visit www.jumpstart4autism.com for more information.

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