For the past 20 years, January 24th has been unofficially celebrated as National Compliment Day. This holiday provides you with a great way to make the people around you feel special and kick off the new year with kindness. If you’re not sure how to celebrate, here are 10 opportunities to give compliments to every person in your life:


1. Give Compliments During Dinner

For your immediate family, make a point to sit down together for a family dinner on January 24th. Go around the table and give everyone a thoughtful compliment. Make sure it’s specific to each person at the table.

2. Write Letters

For your extended family that may not live close by, write them a handwritten letter. Tell them why you appreciate them and your favorite thing about them. This also acts as a precious keepsake for family scrapbooks.


3. Plan a Get-Together

Get all of your friends together for happy hour, dinner, or a party to show them how much your care about them. Write everyone a note with a compliment or have everyone give the person sitting next to them a compliment at dinner.

4. Play a Game

Organize a game where all of your friends write a compliment about the person sitting next to them. Put them in a hat or bowl, and mix them up. Then, read them out loud and have everyone guess who the compliment is about.


5. Write Notes

You spend a lot of time with your co-workers and they can make a big difference to your everyday life. Write everyone on your team a short note with a compliment or a few reasons why you appreciate them and leave it on their desk.

6. Organize an Exchange

Get everyone in the office together for a Secret Santa-like exchange, but with compliments instead of presents. Have everyone choose a name from a hat and then have them give that person a small token of appreciation and a compliment.


7. Give a Small Gift

Whether you’re friendly with your neighbors or not, make a point to give them a compliment on January 24th. Knock on their door to give them a plate of cookies or some other act of kindness just to say thanks for being a good neighbor.

8. Have a Community Party

We love our open spaces at The Place at Terracina because everyone in the community can get together and be neighborly. Invite your neighbors to enjoy our green areas for a barbecue or picnic to celebrate.


9. Do a Random Act of Kindness

Buy someone’s coffee, dinner, or groceries when you’re out running errands on January 24th. Help someone who looks lost or like they need some help on the street. Basically, just do a random act of kindness for someone you see while out and about.

10. Give a Compliment

National Compliment Day is, after all, about giving compliments. Tell someone you like their outfit or that they did a great job doing their job. Give out as many compliments as you can think of all day.

While this isn’t an official holiday, it has been brightening people’s days for 20 years. Tell us some of your favorite compliments in the comments below!

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