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Hey Baytown, Texas, go to the head of the class because It’s that time again! There is so much to think about before the first bell! Bye, bye Summer fun and hello to new book bags, assignment sheets and after school activities. But the first thing to do is get organized, get scheduled and get smart.  We’ve put together a nifty guide to Baytown Texas Schools. Here are some helpful tips to making the first few days of school as easy as 1, 2,3 or A,B,C.

 Know Your School’s Website:

Get to know your individual school’s website from top to bottom. Log on and register so you can get immediate updates like important schedules, school shopping lists, delays and closings, back to school night information and even your student’s lunch money balance and daily assignments.

For example Goose Creek Independent School District‘s website ,  is professionally designed and easy for you to find anything a student, teacher or parent will need. There is even helpful information for seniors seeking college and career information, scholarship applications and future career advice.

 Save Time On School Shopping:

There’s no need to re-create the wheel when heading to the shopping mall for back to school clothing and supplies. The key is to only buy exactly what you need for your student. Most school districts like Goose Creek Independent School District do all the work for you and provide a school supply list for each grade level on their website. Simply print it and take it shopping with you. Then check off the things you buy.

 School Shopping Tips:

Reuse and Recycle: Before heading out the door, see what clothes and supplies can be used again this year. A gently used book bag is perfect for starting out the new year but those too tight sneakers are probably not. Start a Clothes Swap with other parents and trade clothing instead of buying new. This is a trend that is taking off throughout the country and saving families hundreds of dollars.

Hand Me Downs are becoming a handy, and money saving strategy. Start getting ready for the first day of school all summer long or wait until after school starts. Spread out the shopping so your wallet won’t drain all at once. Take advantage of coupons, online sales, promotions and other retail events to save on school supplies and clothing. If you can, hold off until after school starts. Many retailers have an After Back To School Sale and promotions to clear their shelves.

Start The Night Before:

Attention Baytown Texas families. Here’s where that organized word comes in handy. Preparing in advance will make your mornings easy as over easy eggs. Simple tasks the night before can make a huge difference in getting out the door on time and getting to school on time. Plan outfits in advance, make lunches the night before, plan the breakfast menu the night before, complete homework and pack book bags the night before.

 Establish Sleep Schedules:  

Speaking of the night before, make sure your child is getting enough sleep. Texas summers feature long days and long nights, so getting ready for school sleep schedules take some getting used to. School students need between nine and eleven hours of sleep each night.

That’s difficult with after school activities, work schedules, homework and plugging in to mobile devices, computers and cell phones. Parents must enforce bedtime schedules to keep their children healthy and ready for the next school day. Make sure a schedule is established, electronics are turned off and a good night sleep is enjoyed each and every night.

Welcome back to a great new school year.

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