Believe it or not, some house plants can actually be toxic to dogs and cats. So we are bringing you a list of 9 house plants that are safe for your pet.

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1. African violet

This plant is very easy to grow and pet friendly. As long as you keep them in a warm location that gets plenty of light, you’ll be able to keep this violets all year round.

2. Bamboo

Bamboo is found almost everywhere — flooring or other woodwork, not just in plants. And it looks like something your furry friend will chew on or scratch at. But don’t worry! Bamboo is completely safe for your furry friend to eat.

3. Spider plant

Want a super easy plant to grow indoors? Check out the spider plant! Not only are they really simple to care for, but they also are safe for pets, do well in low light homes, and can help clean your air! They’re very pretty and if you love them, so will your pets, so it’s good that they’re very non toxic! 


4. Bromeliad

Bromeliads are another great indoor plant. They’re easy to care for, being low light plants that are fun to grow. Plus, they’re pet friendly which is an added bonus.  

5. Areca Palm

This pet friendly palm is fairly easy to care for, but it’s good to know that you should’ve over water the plant. Get your plan adjusted to indoor living by placing it outside in a partly shaded area, then bring it inside and place it where you want it! 


6. Baby rubber plants

According to Plants Rescue, these plants “love bright indirect light, and it’s easy to overwater them, so resist the temptation. In fact, allowing the soil to dry out almost entirely between waterings is a good idea for this no-fuss plant.”

7. Friendship plant

Want to show off your love for your furry friend? Get a friendship plant! Literally. These are great for pet owners, but be warned — your  pets may be drawn to the fuzzy, crinkly leaves.

8. Polka dot plant

Add a fun splash of color to your indoor garden! This pet friendly plant comes in many different colors, including pink and white–perfect for adding some life to an otherwise drab room. 

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9. Phalaenopsis orchid

Probably the most common pet friendly plant! Just make sure you keep your furry friends away from the soil cause there’s plenty of bark in there. 

There you have it! Some pet friendly plants that are ready to add some detail to your home. Let us know what plants you like the best or if you have any other options!

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