Grocery shopping is essential. But it doesn’t come cheap. If your grocery bill is leaving you shocked at the cashier, use these money-savings tips next time you do a grocery run. You’ll be glad you did.

1. Make a list

It’s key to go to the grocery store with a list in hand. This way you can keep from purchasing unnecessary and expensive items.

2. Purchase store brands

Most of the time the generic brands cost much less than the name brand goods. In fact, the personal finance website Three Finance Guide put their method to the test. During a shopping trip they compared the prices of 16 name brand and generic items. The cost savings difference was almost $15.

3. Go alone

Don’t make the grocery trip a family affair. A study by the Marketing Science Institute, reported by Time Money found that there is an eight percentage point increase when shopping with groups versus shopping alone.

4. Use self-checkout

Researchers have found that impulse purchases go down when shoppers use the self checkout lines at the grocery store.

5. Price match

Many grocery stores and retailers will price match items. Not only does this save money on your grocery bill, it saves you time, too, as you no longer have to go to store to store to find the best deal on grocery items.

6. Be cautious with coupons

Sure, coupons may seem like a surefire way to save money at the grocery store, but use with caution. Sometimes it’s easy to be tempted to buy unnecessary goods and grocery items just because you have a coupon in your wallet.

7. Use an app

You use an app for everything else in your life, why not use an app to save money at the grocery store? There are a variety of different apps that can be downloaded from the app store that may suit your shopping needs. Check out this list of the best grocery savings apps for inspiration.

8. Buy in bulk

Not only can this help to keep your pantry stocked, it can save you money. This is especially true when it comes to purchasing meats. Remember, you can always freeze what you don’t plan to use right away.

9. Take advantage of loyalty programs

Use the grocery store loyalty programs. Choose just one store to shop at. Doing these things can help you save money, and you’ll quickly learn the layout of the store, which can also help you save, too.

10. Shop with a small cart

Again, studies have shown that choosing a smaller cart at the grocery store can help you spend less. Large carts makes shoppers by up to 40 percent more at the store. Come armed with your grocery list and choose a handbasket or small cart and earn those savings.



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