The Tour de Houston is the best annual bike ride in Houston! It’s a great opportunity for some fun, exercise, and an excellent way to support a great cause! 

This annual bike ride helps raise funds to beautify the city of Houston through the City’s Reforestation Projects.  The Tour de Houston helps plant new trees and increases the amount of green space in our city!  One of the best perks of this race is the ability to see so much of Houston while cycling!

Male cyclist wearing a sunglasses, a red helmet, and a multi-colored jersey is leaned over the curved handlebars on his bicycle.  Behind him are other cyclists in the race.

Gear Up For The Next Annual Tour de Houston!

The Tour de Houston is just around the corner! This great event has become a well known favorite here in Houston. The Tour de Houston is such an incredible combination of fun, activity, and entertainment! 

Featuring a 20, 40, and 60 mile option for cyclists, The Tour de Houston encourages people of all cycling abilities and levels to sign up.  All are welcome at the Tour de Houston! 

Don’t worry, if you are new to cycling this is a great place to start in a race like setting!  The goal for cyclists in The Tour de Houston isn’t to be the best or the fastest – it’s not a race to win but a fun place to gather and ride with your community!

Let’s take a closer look at this event and all the info you need to take part in this year’s race!

When is the Tour de Houston?

The next annual racing of the Tour de Houston is typically held in the spring. Check out the Tour de Houston website for the next upcoming date. 

Where Can I Find The Route Map?

Every year the Tour de Houston bicycle race route change.  This is purposefully done to showcase different neighborhoods and parts of Houston. What an incredible way to view different parts of the city each year! 

Be sure to plan ahead and study the route of the Tour de Houston.   The latest route map for this year’s Tour de Houston is released before the race.  

Where Do I Register For The Tour de Houston?

Registering for the event can be done online ahead of time. After registering, you’ll receive your race information packet which will provide crucial information about your upcoming race. 

Can Anyone Participate in The Tour de Houston?

Yes! This is a great ride for both locals and visitors alike. The routes go through the historic districts of Houston giving you a unique view of the city from a perspective you might not often get to enjoy!

There are three different ride lengths so that anyone who would like to participate can do so. Be sure to know your cycling limits when planning which route to register for.

Can I Participate Without Cycling?

Absolutely!  If you want to participate in the Tour de Houston but are unable to cycle, please sign up to be a volunteer

This is a huge event that requires a lot of volunteers to make it a successful event!  This is a fantastic way to meet new people and get to know more about the great community of Houston.  

Can I Attend and Watch The Tour de Houston?

Yes! Of course! This race is a great way to come out and support our community. You can cheer on the riders along any of the routes. Your attendance and cheering is a great encouragement to the cyclists!  

Will There Be Road Closures During The Tour de Houston?

Yes.  There will be road closures during the Tour de Houston.  Please check the local news and City of Houston’s traffic page for more information in planning for potential detours.  

A focused view of a teal bicycle with a person riding in a race.  In the blurred background there are many cyclists participating in a race.