Earth Day is April 22nd. If you don’t have plans to do something great for the environment we’re sharing some ways that you can help! It’s easy to go green in Houston. We’re sharing some of our favorite tips for Earth Day in Houston…and around the globe! 

If you are looking for ways to go green in Houston, congrats! That’s awesome. Protecting our planet starts with each one of us and these ten simple tips can help you make a big difference for the planet this Earth Day in Houston. 

The great thing about all of these tips is that they’re largely inexpensive, simple, straightforward things that we can ALL accomplish. There’s nothing on the list that requires you to make some huge commitment or invest hundreds or thousands of dollars. These are achievable goals to help you go green in Houston and stay that way long term. 

10 Ways To Make A Difference This Earth Day In Houston: 

We should all be looking for ways to go green in Houston. The more small changes we can make in our own lives, the bigger difference we can make long term. If you look at this list and think “that’s not going to make a difference” think about the impact of these things not just today, on Earth Day in Houston, think of the impact over the course of the next 30, 40, or even 50 years. 

We need to be committed to making long term changes in order to help our planet heal. These tips are sustainable, environmentally friendly changes that we can all make now and continue to make for the rest of our lives. It adds up to a big difference for the world! 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

There’s a reason this is a classic Earth Day reminder. The most important thing we can do is cut down on what we buy, especially single use items. Once we cut down what we buy we are automatically cutting down on what we toss out. When we reuse and recycle we make those items last longer and keep them out of landfills. 


If you feel like you can be making a bigger impact you can always volunteer with cleanup organizations. So much waste ends up in our waterways just because of litter. You can always get out there and help cleanup even without an organization. 


Education is key. Not just for others but for ourselves too. Spend some time this Earth Day in Houston learning about ways that you can help reduce your footprint on the planet. 

Conserve Water

Water is not a limitless commodity as most of us have been led to believe. Clean water is easy for most of us to access but it’s not that way in many places. Another reason to reduce water use is to reduce the amount of water that ends up being runoff and wastewater that will eventually end up in the oceans. 

Choose Sustainable Options

When you do make investments in products choose sustainability. There are always ways to choose products that are not just sustainable for your future but which are also made with sustainability in mind. These eco conscious companies deserve our support as they work hard to make a long term difference. 

When making food choices it’s important to think about sustainability as well. Learn how to make smart seafood choices at

Shop Smart

While we’re talking about shopping let’s remember that you can make important choices every time you shop. Cut down on packaging that contains plastic. Buy in bulk or whole food options when you can. Use reusable shopping bags. Even recycling plastic bags doesn’t do as much good as you could with the simple switch to paper bags or reusable bags. 

Choose LED Lights

By choosing LED lights you are not only choosing bulbs that will reduce your energy costs you are also doing a lot of good for the planet. Less energy consumption leads to less greenhouse gas emissions. We like to think that emissions only come from cars and planes and trains, etc. but really anything that takes energy is causing greenhouse gas because we have to burn fossil fuels to get a majority of our energy in the US. 

While we are on the topic of energy use. Head on over to your energy supplier and see if they have options for a green energy supplier. Many people in the US can choose their suppliers now and most who are using partially or completely renewable energy sources will let you know! 

Plant A Tree…or a Bush

Do something nice for yourself and the planet. Plan a tree this earth day in Houston. If you can’t plant a tree you can plant a shrub or bush too. In the years to come you’ll get to enjoy watching it grow and you’ll be making an investment for the planet as your tree helps to save energy, clean the air, and help combat the effects of climate change. 

Use Natural Products 

Some people think that non-toxic and natural products are just a “fad” but in reality these items do more good for the environment than we think about. Those chemicals in your laundry detergent, soap, toothpaste, and more end up in the ocean eventually. The water goes into a treatment plant but all of them are not removed, when the water is released back out into the world it eventually makes its way to the ocean where those chemicals have nowhere else to go. 

Bike Or Walk More and Drive Less

This is a simple way to do some good for the world. Drive less. There are always ways to do this. You can use public transportation, bike, walk, or ride a scooter to your destinations whenever possible. Every little bit helps!