Autumn is here and we know many of you are thrilled to decorate your apartments and patios for Halloween. Our 2020 budgets, however, might have you wondering if you should spend the money on one holiday. You’re in luck! Now you can repurpose your decorations for use all year round!

Halloween Decorations in Houston | Repurposing Halloween Decorations Year Round: 

Learning how to make the most of your halloween decorations in Houston can mean even more fun…how? Well I’m glad you asked! 

Since we’re all on a budget these days it’s important to make the most of our halloween in Houston. If you are purchasing halloween decorations this year here are some ways that you can make those purchases useful all year long. Now you can cut back on your decor budget for the rest of the year and put that money towards something else. 

Another reason to reuse halloween decorations in Houston is for the planet! Purchasing more “green” or reuseable halloween decorations this year means that you’ll be doing a great favor to our planet which is already struggling! 

Candy Dishes

Halloween is one of those holidays that revolves around candy…so why not put your candy dishes to good use and keep them out year round. You can refill them with a non-holiday candy or you can fill them with decorative pieces, store loose change, or put a cute little plant in them until you need to wash them out for next year’s Halloween decorating! 


Pumpkins are a great decor piece that can be used long after halloween. Choose pumpkins in more neutral colors like grey and white so that you can incorporate them into your home decor long before and after Halloween. Pumpkins are great for fall in general and you can use them for decorating your home for many months of the year. 

Hay Bales

If you like to use hay bales in your outdoor displays don’t worry about finding a way to use that straw after it’s finished adorning your porch or yard…you can use it for many things! Add it to your compost pile, use it for covering grass seed when fixing the lawn in the spring, or you can use it to prevent weeds in your garden next summer! The possibilities are endless! It also makes great bedding for some small pets if you have those. 

Candles and Lights

You can always use candles and lights throughout the whole year. When purchasing these items try and make choices that are good for Halloween but also versatile so you can keep them on display for longer periods of time. I like to keep all of my holiday decor a little more muted than wild but even wild items can find a place for use in your home. Try crafting with your halloween lights, adding a coat of paint to really bright or obviously loud pieces, or combining them with other items to make a repurposed centerpiece for your table! 


Fall and Halloween are a great time to collect natural elements from around the outdoors and bring them in for decor! Sticks, logs, branches, flowers, and even dried flowers from the summer can be a great addition to your decor pieces for the Halloween season, they also make a great addition to your homes look for fall in general. These types of items are free, great for the environment (hello no plastic packaging) and can be used in many ways throughout the year in displays, vases, and centerpieces. 

Eat Your Pumpkins

Did you know that you can eat those pumpkins that you use for decorating your porch? Yep, those big round orange ones…they can be eaten! Here’s a great and simple recipe for dinner in a pumpkin that is a casserole you can bake directly inside one of those pumpkins. Before they have a chance to rot away, bring them inside and make them part of your meal plan!