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Evergreen Point Golf Course

Evergreen Point Golf Course

1530 Evergreen Rd, Baytown, TX 77523

  • NEIGHBORHOOD: Houston, Baytown

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Evergreen Point Golf Course

Evergreen Point is in an area steeped in Texas history. The golf club is located just minutes from the San Jacinto Battlefield where Sam Houston and his army defeated the Mexican Army to gain independence for Texas. In 1848, Dr. Ashbel Smith, Surgeon General of the Texas Army and friend of Sam Houston, became the owner of the thousand acre “Evergreen Plantation.” With the Purchase, he became the largest land owner in the vicinity.

In the mid 1990’s the Hazelwood family obtained two hundred and five acres of land from the Ashbel Smith Foundation to build the golf course at Evergreen Point in memory of their mother, Betty Hazelwood. We hope you can come out and experience the challenging golf and a slice of Texas history here at Evergreen Point soon.

With water coming into play on fifteen of the eighteen holes, and more than forty bunkers, accuracy is a must. Shirts with collars are required. No gym shorts, tank tops or cut offs are allowed. Soft spikes only.

Tee Times
Our golf course uses a dynamic pricing model, which means that we offer many different prices throughout each day and season. Our approach to pricing helps make the game more affordable and accessible for our regular customers and allows us to successfully compete for new customers

Where: 1530 Evergreen Rd, Baytown, TX 77523


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