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The Place at Green Trails

Via ~ Apartment

It is Very nice being in a breed restriction free apartment community is fantastic! Hard to find any true pet friendly apartment communities in Houston. Front office Staff is also very nice and accommodating. Live in an updated 1 bedroom apartment and we love it.

The Place at Fall Creek

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The staff was great from the moment we were shown the apartment. So far, we haven’t had any issues with late night loud noise like our previous townhouse. The interior of my townhouse is my favorite part, plenty of space for me and my family, and nicely designed

The Place at 2500 James

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My husband and I have lived at this community since 2007. We like the staff very much and really enjoy the size of the apartments. The value you get for the size of the apartment is very enjoyable. We have seen this community change and become a really nice place to live.